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Founder of Nimiiny wearing a hand painted linen smock dress

Nimiiny your second skin ~

let your body breathe



Independent Fashion Label imagined by Georgina Kendall in London, England.

girl with a spirited heart and soulful hands.

Sourced Local, by Foot or Bicycle  •  Made Local  • Atelier Crafted  •  Every Item is Made Start to Finish by One Pair Of Hands  •  100% Natural Fabrics

Many of our designs are cut out of rectangles which fit together like a puzzle ~  zero waste.

This is how it started and how I am a self-taught designer and sewist. All excess fabric is transformed into face masks, scrunchies or paint work test patches and sampling. No items are ever pre-made and we do not hold any stock. All items are made to order - individually for you.


Hand painted artworks adorn the collections, as well as limited edition prints. Only using non-toxic, water-based fabric paint which is independently made in the UK. The beauty of our hand painted pieces is that they will all have their own individual characteristics (no two the same). The limited edition print fabrics are always bought in small quantities. I visit my supplier almost every other day to replenish. I gather all materials by foot or on my bicycle... currently undergoing a Nimiiny transformation (pics to come soon).


I had a came up with an idea for a customisable fashion label with a made to order concept while at University back in 2014. I even had the brand name Nimiiny back then, over about 8 years ago (paid for the .com and .uk domain ever since). I’ve carried the name and feeling with me all this time and always knew I wanted it to be something real one day. I have worked full time alongside my slow and passionate unearthing of Nimiiny since 2018. I am a self-taught designer and sewist. My younger brother even showed me how to thread and use my first machine which I still use every day.




The creation of Nimiiny came from a base of self-expression, which has a had deeper pull every year. Teaching myself how to sew, construct and learn about materials and be sustainable in a massive part to the brand. Keeping this free-flowing and organic method to a new business was really important to me. All items up until September 2020 were made solely by myself. I loved this, but knew it wasn't practical and healthy working full time. 

I studied Fashion Promotion at the University of Glamorgan in Cardiff, Wales. I grew up in Northamptonshire, in a beautifully, heartfelt community that came about once I knew all the locals by being a barmaid in the village. My mums best friend, Emma who lives just down the road, has been a passionate and talented seamstress since a very young age, amongst many other forever growing talents. A magnetic person who has always supported my dreams. Her skills have derived from her mother and grandmother. We have put our heads, hearts, and hands together and have formed an atelier, only 1 hour apart. We share the making between us, depending on which style you order.

A story forever evolving, creating spirited and artful pieces made to order.

Every stitch we make is entwined with you in mind.

Spirited wishes ~ Georgina

Wearable art. Hand painted womenswear. London


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