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Nimiiny ~ Dressing your aura.

Independent womenswear label imagined & sewn by Georgina Kendall. A London-born brand, founded in 2018, expanded its roots in 2023 by establishing its home base between two countries, Ireland and the UK.

Slow Fashion Studio  • Atelier Crafted  •  Handmade to Order By Georgina & Her Seamstress  •  100% Natural Fabrics  •  Versatile Designs  •  Fashion Forward  •  Heirloom Quality


Nimiiny's design philosophy centres on creating puzzle-like pieces, cut from rectangles, resulting in zero waste – a concept that reflects both my journey as a self-taught designer and sewist. Any surplus fabric finds a new purpose as scrunchies and sampling materials, embodying our commitment to sustainability. Designs boast versatility, featuring flexible straps for diverse styling options, while signature shirred tops are meticulously sewn for a touch of luxury and body-form fit. Crafted for a lifetime and beyond, pieces showcase hand-dyed batiks, limited edition prints, and captivating colour palettes. From two-piece sets, and dresses to suits, each season unfolds a narrative that resonates personally, crafted to be worn effortlessly every day and for any occasion. I prioritise local sourcing for our materials, emphasising the use of predominantly 100% natural materials.


Nimiiny designs are crafted with the sole purpose of enveloping you in a magical sensation from the inside out. My mission is to gift you effortless confidence and empowerment just like the masterpiece that you are. Every stitch is infused with the very essence of your being. These handmade wardrobe treasures are a testament to your existence, heirloom-quality pieces destined to be passed down to future generations of phenomenal women. Nimiiny is more than just clothing; it becomes your second skin, dressing your aura. 

In every gaze, Nimiiny stands out as a rare gem. When you wear Niminy you radiate a distinct glow that captivates both near and far. Prepare to be the rare diamond in life's tapestry and anticipate compliments from other Earth Angels.


“For the eyes of you. For the aura of you. For the moments with you. A story of us”.


Embracing the artistry of slow fashion, I meticulously handcraft each order with a passion for quality and individuality. Items are only produced on demand, reducing product waste that would end up in landfills. Every order is handmade in 2-4 weeks individually for you.


The idea for a customisable fashion label came to me while at university in 2014, with the brand name 'Nimiiny.' I had already purchased the .com and .uk URLs before the brand I have today even existed. I carried the name and feeling with me for so many years while building my freelance career in luxury fashion for independent labels and boutiques in London. I just had that gut feeling, that I would make Nimiiny something one day but also wanted to learn as much as possible from the industry. I am a self-taught designer and sewist. My younger brother William showed me how to thread my first machine. I studied Fashion Promotion at the University of Glamorgan in Cardiff, a course that truly propelled me with many skills that were useful to one woman-founded businesses. 

Nimiiny came to life in the confines of my bedroom, taking root on a makeshift camping desk within a shared London apartment in 2018. What started as a side hustle evolved organically, absorbing every available moment and financial resource over the course of three years. In a pivotal moment in September 2021, I made a profound career choice, opting to resign from my full-time position. This decision followed the culmination of the worst burnout I had ever endured, coupled with a pervasive sense of unhappiness.

The profound realisation hit me hard: "If nothing changes, nothing changes." With one courageous turn in the road, my life began to unfold for the better. It took time to build the necessary bravery, as my entire being—body, heart, and mind—urged me to embrace change. Since then, I've relocated from London, prioritised my mental health, invested my time in Nimiiny, and engaged in freelance projects that proved to be positive experiences. Serendipitously, on a weekend getaway to Dublin, I crossed paths with the man of my dreams. Now, I call this city home, am engaged, and enjoying my very first studio space.



Nimiiny's production is thoughtfully divided between my slow fashion studio in Dublin and the skilled hands of Emma at her Atelier in Northamptonshire, UK. The collaborative effort feels like the "two houses," reminiscent of a happy Romeo and Juliet narrative. Emma and I harmonise our sewing responsibilities based on your specific order and shipping destination. As a bonus, all orders heading to the UK and Ireland enjoy complimentary shipping!


This is a handmade story forever evolving, creating spirited and artful pieces handmade to order, inspired and made for you.

Spirited Wishes,
Georgina x


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