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Our Muse - iiola (eye - oh - la)

Shannon Saunders transformation into iiola. iiola wearing the Amphora Kimono Wrap top by Nimiiny

Shannon Saunders has unfolded those wings and officially been re-born as "iiola". Like we all know change is one of the only constants in life, so this was a wonderful opportunity for her to passionately show the world her new lease of life as an artist. We caught up with this lovely lady last week wearing our Amphora Kimono Top at home & in-studio.

Her new release 'don't shut me up' is just the beginning of a very special project called 'Chrysalis EP'. Not only will she be releasing music, iiola encapsulates art, styling, moving still life and art directed video's. With support from Director Raja Virdi, Sarah Burton of Throw Some Light and calligraphy skills from Brooke Stonehouse of Creative Hoarders.

iiola's new release 'don't shut me up'. Artwork by Throw Some Light and Creative Hoarders.

'Don't shut me up' has been added to Spotify's 'New Music Friday' playlist and has reached over 100k streams and already on over 1k personal playlists. A song that has been co written and produced with Dee Adam, the talented duo made sure iiola created the music that she has always wanted to make.

iiola in studio working on her new EP Chrysalis. Wearing the Amphora top by Nimiiny.

Undoubtedly it will become the soundtrack of your Summer.

Give iiola a follow as her journey is only going to get sweeter...


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